The Cakes Rock!!! Story

Hi!  I’m Christy Seguin, the ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Cake Diva.  I have created cakes literally all my life. Starting at about 5 years old, helping my incredibly talented mother in the kitchen make special Christmas tree cakes for ‘Santa’ (I used WAY too many sprinkles!  Wait, no – there’s no such thing as too many sprinkles!) I loved pouring my heart and soul into a work of art for my family and friends on special occasions, giving the gift of my time and talent.  Over the years, many encouraged me to go for it and create a business, but I was always involved in pursuing other interests, and having a bakery storefront was not something I wanted.  I always enjoyed creating the wild, unique, specialty cakes.  Then along came the cake TV shows.  They opened up a whole new awareness of what can be done with sugar art and created a market for custom cakes that didn’t exist even 5 or 10 years ago.

 A Walking Oxymoron

I am a lifelong athlete who also loves to eat!  I have two main passions, sports and cooking. When I wasn’t playing a sport or working out, I was in the kitchen cooking up delicious treats.  In college, I discovered the world of bodybuilding competitions, and aspired to compete in the figure division.  Cakes and physique competitions don’t work very well together, so I had literally packed up my cake tools and stored them in the attic, as I focused on competing, winning the 2010 National NPC Masters Figure Championship.  But I missed my passion for creating cakes so much.  Fortunately, I teamed up with a new coach who taught me ‘balance’ so I could have my cakes AND a healthy fit physique too.  So I unpacked my cake tools and resurrected my passion. Today I am a walking oxymoron: a cake artist who is also a bodybuilder!

 That may seem to make for a very odd combination, but it actually fits perfectly!   I am very concerned about health, holistic nutrition, and not bombarding the body with chemicals, so every one of my cakes is made fresh from scratch, using organic ingredients whenever feasible.  There are ONLY real, wholesome ingredients in any of my cakes – real butter, unbleached organic flour, real fruit, real vanilla, pure unbleached cane sugar, organic coconut oil, etc. – no chemicals!  

 Cakes are my artistic passion, from creating custom flavor combinations to sculpting amazing works of art.  I feel the main thing that sets me apart is that I am a baker first, and an artist second.  Creating incredibly delicious cakes and conjuring up inventive new flavors is the most important aspect to me.  And then sculpting that cake into a visually stunning work of sugar art is, well, the icing on the cake!

 I was enjoying a thriving business in South Carolina, then my husband received a tremendous opportunity in Austin.  So I packed up my cake tools, moved halfway across the county, and re-launched Cakes Rock!!! in Austin on May 7, 2014.  I live in Austin with the loves of my life: my best friend and soul mate, Michael, and our two precious cats, Eowyn and Rocky.

Now here in Austin, I am blessed with an amazing TEAM of artists who have grown Cakes ROCK!!! into what it is today. There is no I in Cake! It takes a team of talented, hard working, and dedicated artists to bring our clients’ cake dreams to life.

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