Do You Know About Icing Smiles?

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to create an incredibly special cake for the Icing Smiles program. Icing Smiles is an amazing nonprofit organization that provides cakes for children who are or have been fighting serious illnesses, at ZERO cost to the family. Many times the families are completely devastated by all the medical bills and peripheral expenses such as traveling to far away hospitals for treatment. Continue reading Do You Know About Icing Smiles?

Sugar as Art

Cake touches all the senses. You are thrilled with the appearance, pleasing the eye. You take a deep breath & smell the wonderful aromas of icing & cake. You touch it, feeling the silkiness of the buttercream & the sensation of the cake melting away on your tongue. You taste the explosion of flavor. You hear….well…….OK, OK, so cake doesn’t have much of a sound. Don’t disturb my groove here. We can MAKE a cake have sound, so there! ***sticks tongue out in a sassy manner*** And then there are of course the ‘oohs & aaahs’ over the cake & the ‘mmmms’ when it is devoured, so yes there are sounds.

What other art form literally activates all 5 senses at once? Continue reading Sugar as Art