Delivering Cakes is So Stressful!

So it finally happened. Over 6 years of delivering cakes safely, & on March 15th I got rear-ended HARD by a big Yukon. I was in CC the Cool Cakemobile, & had a wedding cake in the back! 😱😱😱 I jumped out & opened the side door of the van, to find the cake box had been knocked halfway across the van & was on its side. I immediately set it up & opened it. The cake survived! Just a couple dents in the icing & it shifted a bit on the board. It was still perfectly intact! I then … Continue reading Delivering Cakes is So Stressful!

To Freeze or Not To Freeze?

There seems to be a pervasive myth out there that cake goes ‘bad’ quickly & that leftovers don’t keep. Constantly people ordering cake seem absolutely terrified that it may not all be eaten at the event. Of COURSE, you want everyone to enjoy it and wipe it out! But it seems the fear is more of what to do with the leftovers & wasting all the cake…& money. Myth buster – if kept refrigerated, cake is good for several days, even a week or more. The key is keeping oxygen out of the CAKE part of it. The buttercream or … Continue reading To Freeze or Not To Freeze?

A Creative Cake Solution to a Hot Dilemma

It’s been forever since my last blog post! Sorry! Because…cakes!  We’ve been SOOO busy! Which is great, but I need to share all the awesomeness too!  This was my perfect opportunity because the awesome photographers from The Bird and The Bear … Continue reading A Creative Cake Solution to a Hot Dilemma