Delivering Cakes is So Stressful!

So it finally happened. Over 6 years of delivering cakes safely, & on March 15th I got rear-ended HARD by a big Yukon. I was in CC the Cool Cakemobile, & had a wedding cake in the back! 😱😱😱

I jumped out & opened the side door of the van, to find the cake box had been knocked halfway across the van & was on its side. I immediately set it up & opened it. The cake survived! Just a couple dents in the icing & it shifted a bit on the board. It was still perfectly intact!

I then looked at the back of my poor (extremely freaking expensive) van, expecting a lot of damage from the force of the hit. But miraculously, it took the hit pretty well. The bumper is bent & it’s a bit hard to open the left back door, but my (again very freaking expensive) wrap was not damaged. 

Miraculously, again, the lady who hit me stopped, had her drivers license AND insurance! She was so nice & gracious. My friend got hit last week & as soon as he pulled over, the bastard who hit him peeled out & took off. So I feel so lucky that this lady was honest & stopped. She was fine & the only damage we could see on her vehicle was the front license plate was bent. 

I had just left the studio, so I drove back to fix the cake. Jo & Vika were still there, & Jo immediately set to work resetting the cake & securing it to its base again, & smoothing out the buttercream where it hit the side of the box. It had sugar flowers on it & one was shattered, so I worked on coloring & preparing another sunflower for it. We had it repaired & back on the road in 15 minutes! It then made it all the way to Seguin very safely to a happy family.

THIS is why it’s worth the money to have your cake delivered. It’s CAKE INSURANCE. It was only a two tier cake, so not difficult to transport, & they had originally intended to pick it up. But Wednesday they called & asked about delivery. For me to deliver to Seguin I charge $150. It’s a 2.5 to 3 hour round trip in the Friday I-35 traffic. That refrigerated van costs me $1000 a month in payment & the God-awful-expensive commercial vehicle insurance, plus gas. And you have to have someone delivering who knows what they are doing during transport & if something happens. Cake artists are skilled employees—the time is very valuable, even if it’s sitting in Austin traffic, that payroll clock is ticking. And often it takes 2 to move a larger cake.

And if the cake HAD been destroyed, I would have been on the hook for not only refunding the cake, but also finding SOMETHING for them to serve at their wedding, even if I had to go get cakes from HEB or somewhere. So I would have lost all the money, ingredients, payroll, & time making the cake, & then would have had to buy more cake! And NONE of it would be my fault. I was just sitting patiently at an intersection, turning right, waiting for traffic to clear. I did nothing wrong! If the cake had been in THEIR vehicle, then it’s fully their responsibility, & I don’t have to refund or provide more cake. It’s a total loss for them if it’s in their possession & gets damaged/destroyed in transit.

So yeah, I HAVE to charge out the wazoo for delivery! 

And this is why CC is worth her weight in gold & every dime she costs. That cake was COLD, so it took the hit with minimal surface damage & zero structural damage. We build them with very strong internal structure & interlocking dowels that hold them to the base & hold the tiers together. And it was in a special cake container by Innovative Sugarworks that also saved it from worse damage. We are equipped to move the cakes. It doesn’t lessen the stress very much, though. I get cardio delivering cakes because my heart is usually pounding!

And no, even though it says “You Bump Us, YOU Call the Bride!” on the back of the van, I didn’t make the sweet lady call the bride. ðŸ˜… I did tell them what happened & they were SOOOO glad they weren’t the one that got hit! I’m just grateful it wasn’t worse & that the other driver was not an uninsured hit and run!

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