The VALUE of Custom Cakes vs Regular Desserts

Interesting comparison for those who think custom cakes are ‘overpriced’ or expensive. Yes, they are definitely up there & cost a lot! But the price per serving is often in line with just the plain old desserts from a restaurant which certainly aren’t baked from scratch with love & customized for you! And they are most definitely not the star of the event like an amazing custom cake!

This client wanted a cake made like their hospital, Buildings are one of the hardest & most time-consuming designs to make, because cake is soft & squishy & it doesn’t like to be in precise right angles & dimensions as is required for buildings. Plus all the details! When I first priced it to them, they said that was way out of budget & talked about just doing a simple buttercream cake, but a tiered cake for 200 people would have looked just like a wedding cake! So not what they were going for.

So the client said, oh well, forget it. Let’s just get desserts from the hotel where the banquet is being held. I understood and thanked them. Later that day, my phone rang & it was them. They said, let’s go ahead with the sculpted cake because the quote for the desserts from the hotel was the same as the quote for the sculpted cake!

This really opened their eyes as to the VALUE of the sculpted cake! The cost of cakes per serving is often the same or less as restaurant desserts. Nobody blinks an eye at paying $10 for a piece of cake at a restaurant. Because it’s only $10, right? Chump change. But they would definitely pause if they were taking 200 of their closest friends to the restaurant for $10 desserts, for a total of $2000! So literally, if you’re having a big event, you can often use the SAME budget for a custom cake as you would for the same old same old desserts, & LOOK at the difference!!!

When the hospital wants you to make their hospital, you make the hospital! This cake is the new addition to the South Austin Medical Center of St. David’s, created to honor the Director of Nursing who is retiring after 30 years of exemplary service. Her last big accomplishment was overseeing the construction of this addition. All Almond Amaretto cake and filling. All edible modeling chocolate decor. 200+ servings. 

Let us create the epic centerpiece to YOUR event! Email us at to get started on a design & quote!

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