Sometimes the Story Behind the Cake is the Best Part!

Sometimes the story behind a cake & the people involved make it just incredibly special, & this is one of those times! Y’all deserve the whole scoop on this one!

A precious little lady named Amy, probably in her mid-70’s, sashayed into the bakery looking beyond stylish & with the fluffiest little white dog I’ve ever seen. She is so cool that she drives a Bumblebee yellow Camaro—with eyelashes on the headlights! Life Goals!

She wanted a special cake made for a dynamite gentleman’s 90th birthday who is apparently even more of a live wire than she is. His name is Shelley, & his nickname is The Chick Magnet! ***bwahahaha!!!*** He is a legend at a piano bar & saloon called Donn’s Depot, which has been an Austin fixture for well over 4 decades. Shelley LOVES to dance & is there all the time shaking a tail feather & the ladies absolutely love him, thus the nickname. They have a big party every year on his birthday, but this one was obviously an exceptional milestone.

She wanted a huge sheet cake to feed everyone in the bar, decorated in the special artwork she had commissioned for the occasion. They had posters, decorations, & even t-shirts! Shelley’s favorite cake is Italian Cream, which as y’all know is one of our specialties, & second is carrot cake–my personal fave. So we made it half & half.

My Cake Minion Maddie is a buttercream whiz, & she FREE-HANDED this incredible work of art! I am so blessed to have such amazing talent on our Cakes ROCK!!! team!


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet The Man, The Myth & The Legend, The Chick Magnet. He wasn’t there yet at the time I delivered the cake when they were setting up for the party. I hope to go back & actually check the place out & meet him soon. It’s so cool–it even has a train car built into the side of the building!

Today I received this email from Amy:

“Your gorgeous–and delicious–cake was a huge hit, and I appreciate your talent, skill, and dependability so very much. I told you that Shelly, the Chick Magnet, loves Italian Cream Cake. I saw him eating a giant piece of the carrot cake, and I said “Oh, Shelly, you need some of the Italian Cream!” And he said “I just had a piece of that!” Obviously, he was fully appreciative. We could also call him the Cake Monster–he loved it.

I’m so glad you discovered Donn’s. You need to plan an evening there coming soon–just stay in town and party with us. Check the website to see what the music schedule is.

You’ll probably hear from me again. Meanwhile, I wish you every good fortune with your business.

My sincere best wishes,

Cake Life is Good! 

(Sorry the pics are dark. It was so dark in Donn’s Depot that people had to shine phone flashlights on the cake for me to get pics, lol!)

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