Mexican Fiesta Wedding at the Plantation House in Austin, Texas

Marissa & Tim were so fun to work with from the start. They loved bold & unique flavors, & wanted tons of COLOR everywhere. They carried the Mexican theme of their wedding all the way through to the cupcake flavors, which included Mexican Hot Chocolate & Cinnamon Churro.

Check out the video I took of the wedding & groom’s cakes HERE.

The wedding cake was created with hand-painted ’tiles’ on the bottom tier & a simple white top tier showcasing a collection of sugar flowers resembling the Mexican Fiesta paper flowers. The cake was Vanilla Ice Ice Baby with White Chocolate Raspberry buttercream filling.

Fields brides cake 2

The grooms’ cake was a baseball with a Dodgers cap sitting on top. I LOVE making baseball caps!  And as I said in the video, details make the difference, so I always have to make the little opening in the back with an adjustable strap. I guess if someone wanted me to make a fitted cap I would, but I like the detail of the opening! The cap is entirely edible, with the bill made of fondant stiffened with tylose & gum tragacanth.  Both cap & cake are Dark Chocolate with White Chocolate buttercream filling.

Field grooms cakeback of capgrooms cake full

Speaking of details making the difference, how CUTE are the precious donkey pinata centerpieces?

I wasn’t able to get pictures of the cupcakes before I left, because the air conditioning in the reception tent wasn’t cool enough yet, & we felt it was best to store them in the house for a while. I can’t wait to see the pics, because the bride’s father custom built a big cupcake stand, & the icing was in 4 brilliant colors: yellow, fuschia, blue & orange.  The flavors were Mexican Hot Chocolate & Cinnamon Churro both with Cinnamon buttercream, & Italian Cream & Pecan Pie both with Maple Buttercream.

Gorgeous Venue

The Plantation House was breathtaking. I hadn’t been there before & I fell in love. I’m convinced that I was Scarlett O’Hara in a past life anyway, & when I see a big Southern plantation house with towering white columns across the front, I completely lose it. I was born to live in a house like that!  It’s tucked away down a long driveway that has a bridge crossing a stream, & it’s gorgeously secluded.  As real as this one looked though, the lovely LuAnna, owner of the home, told me that she & her husband designed & built it 24 years ago. Just a few years after moving in, they decided to offer it as a wedding venue & over 1000 couples have been married there!

As a former garden designer, the meticulously designed & manicured grounds captured my heart as well. From the gorgeous gazebos to the wisteria arbor leading into the reception tent to the sparkling pool, it’s truly a paradise.  Here, have a look & prepare to swoon!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The inside of the home is just as beautiful!

It is a blessing of my business that I have the privilege of delivering to gorgeous venues like this. I enjoy seeing all the beauty that the Hill Country wedding venues have to offer. We live in a spectacular part of the country! It does help to offset the nerve-wracking stress of driving a fragile wedding cake through the demolition derby that is Austin traffic.  And I’m also privileged to bring so much sweetness to a precious couple’s special day as they start their new life together!

If you’d love to have a rocking cake for YOUR wedding, hit me up here!  Tell me about your dream wedding cake!



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