Gorgeous Wedding at One World Theater in Austin, TX

This was the setting for a truly storybook wedding at the gorgeous One World Theater on Bee Caves Rd . I was so honored to be asked to create the wedding cake for this amazing wedding & venue. The bride was so easygoing & liked EVERYTHING I showed her, so we had to narrow down the styles she liked & then blend them into a harmonious whole.

The colors of the wedding were peach & turquoise, with natural greens brought in from the succulents heavily interspersed in the decor. So we settled on a cake with a touch of the turquoise, sugar roses in a soft coral peach, sugar succulents to match the real ones, & a LOT of bling! (Now you’re speaking my language!) She loved so many techniques but the ones that won out were ethereal frill ombre ruffles fading from whtie to soft turquoise, real silver leaf, lace, & sugar pearls ‘bubbling’ up the top tier.

Here we are delivering the cake to the venue. My dear friend Sharon flew in from Florida to stay with me for the weekend & help deliver this heavy monster!

Me with my precious….

A close up of the beautiful sugar flowers which also shows the incomparable shine of the real silver leaf (NOTHING tops real silver & gold leaf for a truly edible metallic effect!), the incredibly delicate ruffling of fondant so thin you can clearly read through it!

Detail of the top tier with the different sizes of silver dragees bubbling up the cake to the beautiful crystal topper.

Elevating the top tier on a lovely stand, underlit with LED lights & set upon a mirror added tremendous drama to the cake as the evening approached & the lights dimmed.

And of course, the BEST part is when the bride & groom cut the cake together symbolizing unity & love!

Austin wedding cake

Austin wedding cake

Even though this cake was a huge cake serving well over 230 guests, it was almost all devoured at the reception! The DJ later told me that he went back for seconds & thirds since the cake was the most delicious part of all the food. Haha!

Ohhhh yes! The FLAVORS! The top 2 tiers were Strawberry Fields Forever filled with White Chocolate buttercream, the middle tier was Southern Italian Cream, the next-to-bottom tier was Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough filling, & the huge bottom tier was White Velvet with White Chocolate buttercream.

Just a note if you’re planning your wedding—offering a different flavor on each tier is a GREAT way to please all your guests of varying tastes & preferences. But be aware that many will want to try more than one of the flavors, so be sure to have enough cake!

The ROCK STAR of the reception! And we definitely left the guests’ taste buds screaming for more, more, more!

The fabulous wedding planner, Casey Dennis of Right Before I Do coordinated this entire event to perfection, & the gorgeous photographs are by a’LaVie Photography.

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