Crazy Fun Wedding Cake

For the most part, weddings are still traditional affairs, even with personal touches here & there to match the couple’s personalities. But occasionally, tradition is thrown to the wind & ALL the personality shines right through! Those are so much fun to do.


Wedding cakes have in many ways become a canvas upon which the couple paints their own personal story. The cake has always been the star of the reception, & the main thing all the guests are dying to see when they arrive. Who doesn’t love an amazing showstopper wedding cake? But it’s even more so now, as cakes have evolved into customized works of art unique to each couple, & the guests have even more reason to eagerly anticipate what wonders the wedding cake will bring.


In this wedding, Kristi & Christopher LOVED to have fun, & had many ‘inside jokes’ between them. We brought 3 of those to life on the wedding cake. And the groom’s cupcakes, well, that’s a story in itself!


The wedding was at the beautiful Spicewood Vineyards, a venue I truly enjoy working with & that is a delight for the senses. It is both rustic & elegant, & so many wedding themes work well there.


First the cake:

Check out that cute picture topper!


I busted out laughing in our consultation when they told me they wanted the chalkboard with ‘I love you like a fat kid loves cake’ on it. And then I realized they were serious! But I’m still laughing! And it got better. I had to incorporate a puma in high heels on the cake to represent the bride:

And not to be outdone, the groom’s spirit animal is a Ninja Wombat!

Each of the black iridescent sugar pearls was applied by hand in the quilted pattern, & I loved how dramatic the effect was!
Kristi & Christopher enjoyed cutting & savoring their first piece of the wedding cake as newlyweds!

Notice that there is NOTHING on the table surrounding the wedding cake in the pictures above! That was not the case when I left, because there were dozens of groom’s cupcakes all around the cake. In an email after the wedding, Kristi explained:

“Christopher’s grooms cupcakes were eaten without appropriate consent before we were introduced and we actually never got any – HE WAS SO DISTRAUGHT ABOUT THIS!! ;)”
So apparently the guests exercised ZERO self control & all the cupcakes were GONE! So let’s backtrack & talk about the cupcakes. As I was setting them up around the cake, a large crowd started to gather around. Every one of them, upon seeing the groom’s cupcakes, exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, that is SO Chris!” And then a lovely lady came up & said, “That hat. It HAD to be that HAT! Do you KNOAW how many times I’ve tried to sneak & throw away that nasty hat?” It turned out she was the mother of the groom, & probably got the biggest kick out of the cupcakes of anyone that day!
So what does this incredibly famous hat that rarely leaves Christopher’s head look like?

Like this! Black with 3 little yellow triangles. We made each cap by hand from a ball of cake pop dough, so everyone got a cake pop on top of a cupcake! Apparently this combination is too much for the guests to bear, because there was nary a cupcake or hat left for our poor groom! And the cupcakes were both chocolate/peanut butter & banana deliciousness that smelled so good. Hmmm…that probably added to the rapid disappearance of said cupcakes!
It was a fabulous wedding. And I had more fun in the setup than usual, talking with the guests, & hearing funny stories. What a wonderful group of people! It was a beautiful day & a gorgeous union of love.
And the best part is hearing this from the bride in an email after the wedding. (Side note, they were planning the wedding all the way from Houston, as a destination wedding): “the cake and cupcakes were beyond perfect. We had the most unique and wonderful cake which is exactly the representation of “us” that we wanted. You made it so easy to work with you halfway across Texas, you might as well have been in the kitchen next door. Please never stop, as you grow in your business, having that level of service!!!”
Beautiful photography by Matt Montalvo of!

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