All-White Wedding Cake in Cutting Edge Textures

This is a display wedding cake that I created to showcase some wonderful fresh cutting-edge techniques that prove a simple white cake can be absolutely stunning with rich textural contrast. It’s all dummy cakes, so no yummy flavors this time!


White on White Textural Wedding Cake, Austin, TX

White on White Textural Wedding Cake, Austin, TX

That bottom tier is a 10″ round, & it took me & one of my Cake Minions 4 hours each working together to finish 3/4 of it, & then I spent another 3 hours finishing the rest by myself. There are over 400 individually cut & placed wafer paper pieces on that tier! The effect is awesome, but it may be the most time-consuming tier I’ve ever done.

The middle tier is ribbons of fondant in a quilted pattern. I’m in LOVE with this look! One of my brides saw the preview pic & changed her wedding cake to this pattern—-I was so excited! Here it is in progress:

The top tier is a bas relief solidly covered in various rose & brooch molds. It’s such a gorgeous texture with intricate detail when viewed closely. I highlighted the top 2 tiers with airbrushed pearl white to bring out the detail.

So here’s a fresh new look for a wedding cake! Take note, future brides! For more information on incorporating some of these stunning techniques into your wedding cake, please contact me at or 512-842-ROCK (7625)

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